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Miami Beach Marketing

At Cross Minded Marketing Group we have been involved in over 600 events in the past 20 years, from managing weekly onsite events to consulting large, once a year festivals, WE HAVE DONE IT ALL!! When selecting a company to assist you with your event, you must hire a company with experience, a company that has work with a diverse client base and a company that knows the industry, and everyone in it. And that's why you should choose Cross Minded Group. Below you'll find various ways of how we can help you with your event. Visit our "Who we know" page to see our past and present experience.

A. Site Location scout: We will work hand on hand with your team to pick the best location for your type of event.


B. Permits: Getting permits for your events can be a huge headache if you don't know what you're doing, luck for you, we've handled hundreds of festivals.


C. Sponsors: The right sponsors can make your event/festival a huge success, we work with the top local and national companies that can assist with funding for your project. Visit our  "who we know" page to see a list of all the companies we have worked with.


D. Vendors: From beverage vendors to retail vendors to food vendors to art vendors, we can get them for you.


E. Catering license: If you are planning an event that serves food/beverage you would need a catering license, we have that for you.


F. Liquor License: Partnering with the right beverage company with a liquor license can save you thousands and make you big bucks. We have the liquor license for your next event.


G. Event Insurance: With so many companies offering event insurance it may be hard to choose the right one, we work with one event insurance company, why? They are the best, the most reliable and the least expensive. 


H. Tent, tables, chairs, etc rentals: Event furniture rental companies are all over south Florida, our event company will beat or match any rates.


I. Entertainment: From DJ, to live bands, to celebrity appearances, to jugglers to dancers, we have you covered..


J. Consultation: Working with a consultant company like ours can save you thousands, we have the best relationship with the top companies in south Florida that can partner with you and save you tons of money.



If you have ever planned an event, you know that sponsors are in need to pull off a great event. Especially if you reside in a small town where the same organizations tend to repeatedly get asked to be sponsors.  As event organizers we are forced to get creative with our ideas on who to ask to sponsor your event  The key is to find sponsors who are  relevant to the event’s objectives and will also bring value to the sponsor’s organization, making it a mutually beneficial union.


If you are new to the process, it can be a very overwhelming undertaking. Thankfully, people have picked up on that and are eager to streamline the process for you.  Sponsor My Event and Endorsements are two resources for event planners that are looking to find interested sponsors for their next event.



At Cross Minded Group we make it easier for you to concentrate on developing your event while we handle your sponsorship side. We work with over 250 companies that sponsors events every year. To see our leads, click on the "who we know" link.



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