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Miami Beach marketing company

You only get one chance to make a first impression and you only get one shot to develop a successful business. With our Business/Project Development package we are with you all the way to success! From finding a location for your business/project, to analyzing the income and demographics of your new business location, to developing your companies "look", we can handle it all for you. Our 25 years experience working with all types of businesses in South Florida,  "We will make it easier for you to start a successful business". Maybe you already have a business but you would like to give it a "facelift", we can help as well. From developing a catchy logo to designing your website, we can revamp your business the right way.

Our rates? Our minimum contracts is $325 per hour , minimum 10 hours, Consultation fee. 

                    New Project Development is $3500 per month minimum, 3 month minimum contract.

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