who we know??

Who we know? As a business owner, you should always invest a large portion of your marketing in networking. Realistically, you don't want to know "our history" or "what degrees do we have", you as a business owner must be strictly focused on "who we know, and how it can help your business". You might be asking yourself "why is there a picture of a sneaker on this page? A business relationship is a lot like owning a pair of sneakers, the more you take care of it, the longer they will last. At Cross Minded Group we take care of all our customers, doesn't matter if you're small or big, everyone is the same. Below is a list of businesses that fall under our "who we know" category.

Beverage category

Retail category

Event/Show category

Motorcycle category

Health & Fitness category


General Businesses

Travel & Destination

Non-Profit Organizations


did we get your attention??