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Cross Marketing your business with other businesses to promote eachother is the new future of advertisement. As the years go by, we have noticed that the advertisement budget from large companies have diminished rapidly. Even the big companies that gross over 500 million a year are now part of the "we dont have a budget" group.  And you ask yourself, how can a company that sales reaches almost a billion dollars doesn't have money to invest in their company. Its not that they don't have the money, they rather cross promote and do trades instead of writing a check. If large companies are doing this, we believe its time for you to do the same with your company.

Imagine cross promoting your business with a business that has thousands of social media followers, imagine that those followers are now following your business and it didn't cost you anything. This is what cross promoting is all about, "one hand washes the other" you help someone expose their business to your clientele and they do the same for you.

When you join the Cross Minded Group Cross Promoting program we will provide you with a list of companies that we work with,  you pick the ones that you would like to cross promote with, we offer them a cross promoting plan. and we wait.

Its that simple.  Below are the four easy steps how it works.

Step 01

Visit our "who we know" page

Step 02

Choose the companies that you would like to cross promote with or start a working relationship with.

Step 03

Provide us with the list of companies that you chose, we then contact them

Step 04

We wait for their reply, and we start developing a cross promoting campaign that will benefit your company as well as their's.

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