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miami beach marketing

Company exposure is key to being a successful company, but its a double edge sword if you're not ready. If you're looking to increase your companies exposure, you have to make sure you're ready to take care of your new customers and have the working capital to purchase more inventory. A recent client of ours (sports related product) goals was to place their product in front of the decision maker for a large grocery chain, we made the call and setup the meeting. After a few meetings the large grocery chain approved to purchase the product and put them into over 55 of their grocery stores. When our clients received the purchase order form, it was more than our client was able to produce, they then lost that purchase order and any future working relationship with this large grocery chain store.

When you join our "Company Exposure" program, you will receive a list of hundreds of companies that may want to start a working relationship with your business, you then pick the businesses, we then setup the introduction and schedule a meeting. We will also provide you with a list of "events" taking place in Florida that we would suggest you attend as a vendor/sponsor. 

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